Administrative law

  Administrative law is considered a branch of public law, beacause it deals the relationship between the state and individual. Like the rules of constitutional law, administrative law rules are mandatory. In this case state authorities are situated in positions of power to the citizen, but not in egual position. Even if liability offenses are compared to other types of liability, especially criminal responsibility, should not be ignored by foreign persons or persons who engage in the activity of entrepreneurs.

  Usually, foreigners face the problem of expulsion from host country. Law office of “ Leonid Karagheaur” has a large practice in this area, and can help you in relation with migration autorithies or courts of Republic of Moldova.     But never forget, the best solve of the problem on early stage.

  Services provided in the field of administrative law:

  • Legal advice;
  • Assistance and representation of clients in administrative litigation to annul administrative acts adopted by local authorities;
  • Request based on the law on free access to public information;
  • Consulting work on public procurement and concessions regime;
  • Advice on compliance with legal regulations;
  • Appeal, defense acquisition and cancellation procedures;
  • Preparation, negotiation, conclusion and implementation of contracts;\
  • Advice on leasing of properties;
  • Consulting services and works concession;
  • Advice on calculating and structuring royalties and similar rights;
  • Appeal, defense and cancellation procedures for the award.