Antitrust law

  Antitrust law-represent a natural phenomenon, for a democratic state. Our priority is protecting the interests of our clients, consumers and ensuring that entrepreneurs have a expected possibility to activate in the market economy.

  Our company represent interests of our clients in the Competition Council or/and in the courts of Republic of Moldova ( court of primary jurisdiction, Court of Appeal, Supreme Court of Justice).

We have extensive practice in the following cases:

  • Aticompetitive agreements; 
  • Abuse of dominant position;
  • Mergers which create or strengthen a dominant position;
  • Consulting on issues of competition law ( unfair competition, abuse of dominante position, concerted action, etc)

  Another priority for us, is to ensure freedom of your business.
“Economic freedom” represents a level of non-intervention of the state into the investments, production, distribution and usage of products and services to the extent which is considered by the population as the most efficient for the economy. We represent our clients in relations with the state authorities.