Customs and tax law

For our clients our office offers juridical consultation in customs and tax matters. We approach any problem professional. In case if our clients are involve in legal inssues, Leonid Karagheaur is available to help them 24/7.

Legal assistence and representantion of the clients in relation with customs and tax authorities on the territory of the Republic of Moldova.

As an experienced lawyer, Leonid Karagheaur  offers necesary advice if you are involve in customs procedure.


Provided services:

  • Advice on tax legislation, oral or written report on the prospects and ways of addressing the tax dispute out of court or in arbitration or a court of general jurisdiction (for individuals);
  • Protection and representation in cases of administrative violations in the field of finance, taxes and fees. The development of the principal rules of conduct to prevent undue excitement of the administrative case and the prosecution;
  • Litigation tax disputes and participate in them as representative.
  • Representing the interests of the principal in cases of disputes on taxes in all courts (commercial courts, courts of general jurisdiction), the first appeal, cassation, supervisory authority;
  • Amicable settlement of tax disputes and conflicts with the tax inspection authorities and other fiscal control;
  • Preparation of reports and complaints, queries, and other documents for a more rapid resolution of the dispute with the tax authorities;
  • Representing the interests of the principal in the tax office and customs authorities;
  • Appeal lawyer (challenge) in the pre-trial and trial procedures illegal actions and decisions of the officials of tax inspections (tax audit bodies).
  • The appeal of tax authorities, decisions on bringing to tax or administrative proceedings;
  • Defense counsel in criminal cases on crimes related to tax evasion charges, and an individual or organization, and other crimes in the sphere of economic activity;
  • Recovery from the regulatory bodies for damages caused by unlawful actions;
  • Development of legal counsel and protection schemes of tax optimization, study of other tax matters;
  • Legal accompaniment of economic activity of organizations and enterprises;
  • Effectively solve the problems encountered by persons transporting goods across the customs border of the Republic of Moldova;
  • Together with our partners we offer a comprehensive customs brokerage services: customs clearance, assistance in preparing the necessary documents, assistance in obtaining necessary government permits, customs clearance of complex product groups;
  • We assist in the implementation of the customs value adjustments;
  • Assist in the removal of the arrests, the return and reducing customs duties;
  • Provide protection in criminal proceedings on charges of smuggling, evasion of customs duties;
  • Advise on the procedure for movement of goods in accordance with applicable law;
  • We represent the interests of our clients to appeal decisions, actions (inaction) of customs authorities or their officials in customs bodies, and (or) a court order.