Law office of Leonid Karagheaur can help you if you are in trouble with your money recovery. Our world is mercantile and our money should not persuade anyone, because  someday we can lose them. In case if you need an advice or representantion in court, we are here to help you, we have the necessary knowledge and practice to recover your money.


Rights arising from :

  • Loan agreements;
  • Receipt;
  • Tenancy;
  • Money owed as a result of providing services;
  • Amount representing the actual harm caused to individual buyers;
  • Outstanding monies due to the completion of legal acts translative of ownership.

Our office can represent you at the preliminary/ early stage, also representation in the Courts of the Republic of Moldova.

Preleminary stage:

  • Is the easiest way to recover your money  without high expenses  and  challenging 
  • Representation in court

In case if is  impossible to recover the debt out of court, the last possibility is to address the court. Only a lawyer specialized in debt recovery can help you to obtain desired results effectively and quickly, plus, the fees are resonable.