Labor law

Labor/employment law – includes all kinds of the employer/employee relationships. Republic of Moldova faces the problem of non-compliance with labor legislation, and employees have suffered from these illegal acts of employers.

Ignorance ofrights and bureaucracy in the country is the main factor for serious violation of employee rights.We can defend youagainst employer pressures from the preliminary stage to trial.

Sometimes employers are subjected to unfounded attacks from employees, with our help we can prove your innocence, even when it seems there no way out.


Our law office provide the following services for our clients:

  • Consultation on work contracts;
  • Writing of documents which relate to the judicial position of client  and presentations before a court concerning any matter, based on the reports of labor law (appeal of the decisions of disciplinary approvals, appeal of liquidation of individual contracts of employment, new employment );
  • Resolution of labor conflicts;
  • Participation in negotiation and drafting of individual and collective labor contracts;