Negociation is an alternative and paceful way to resolve the disputes between the parties, out-of-court. This method is much less expensive and is not so laborious like a trial.

The written agreement drawed up until the trial can protect you  against problem in the future. We can represent you in case if you need a quality and less costly result.


Our services:

  • The ability to quickly design agreements for arbitration of conflicts, either by inserting arbitration clauses in commercial contracts or by separate compromisebetween the parties or the arbitration tribunal;
  • Rapidity in obtaining an arbitral award or amicable settlement of disputes;
  • Greater confidence in the accuracy and integrity of the arbitral tribunal;
  • Providing a final settlement before the arbitration tribunal, arbitration award isbinding on the parties and attack only for limited reasons specified by law;
  • Alternative conflict resolution services business;
  • Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts;
  • Consulting and conflict mediation services;
  • Recognition and enforcement of arbitral awards forced pronounced in Moldova and abroad.