Personal lawyer

Nowadays is almost unthinkable to imagine life without justice and trials. Thats's why, you need a permanent and reliable lawyer, who can advice and defent you and your family.

Law office of ”Leonid Karagheaur”  invites you to become a subscriber of the program of legal assistance and information, "personal lawyer".

Features: entering into an agreement with the lawyer's office, the subscriber receivesa personalized ID card standard form, which contains information about the behavior in difficult situations and emergency telephones with a lawyer. This map (policy) is a plastic card the size of 100x80 mm and fits in the passport.


Our services:

  • Unlimited number of verbal telephone consultations for personal matters (civil, criminal, administrative, housing, marriage and family relationship, in case of acciden, etc.);
  • Appearance of attorney in front of state authorities, in case if the customer is retained;
  • In cases of emergency communication on the phone with enforcement authorities.