The main objective for us is to provide the highest quality consultation. Karagheaur Leonid has always felt that community involvement is an essential complement to his professional practice as both a reflection of his own values and a way for him to use his education and experience in practical ways for the betterment of others. He provided legal services, free, for half a year. If you're starting a new business in the Republic of Moldova we can help set it up the right way. If you already have an established business, we can help protect you and your company rights through our out-of-the-box legal thinking and our creative, preventative problem solving approach.

  Your priority is your business. You dont have time to learn the Moldovan law, or time to get a law degree. Your only solution is to find a professional that has the knowledge and experience that you need. Karagheaur Leonid, the lawyer from the Republic of Moldova, Chisinau city.


  • We are ready to offer the following services:
  • General legal conseling, including: bankruptcy, liquidation of assests, and texes;
  • Review and oversight of legal agreements;
  • Assistance in preliminary and judicial hearings;
  • Registration of ships and yachts;
  • Registration of legal entities and entrepreneurs;
  • Assistance in purchasing of land or property within the Republic of Moldova;
  • Preparation of necessary documents for the foundation of your business(es), including: obtaining vital licenses;
  • Establishment of the company offshore;
  • Debt recovery from foreign and domestic citizens;
  • Assistance in repatriation;
  • For foreign citizens and stateless persons, preparation of documents in order to obtain refugee status and their asistence in the courts of the Republic of Moldova.

  We have experience in these areas and can defend your rights and interests in a professional and speedy way without sacrificing our quality and standards.
  We know how important it is for you to succeeed, but more importantly we know how to get you there.