Registration of legal entities in Moldova

Our company offers a complete package of services that will allow to start in short time a company . We suport our clients when they need help, in order to establish a legal entities.The legal entities, their branches and representatives, are registered by the territorial offices of the State Chamber of Registration within 5 working days of the filing of all necessary documents.

The registration of the legal entity is also performed as a matter of urgency (24 hours or 4 hours) and on a day off or on a holiday.


For the state registration of the legal entities with foreign investments, additionally to the application shall be enclosed the following documents:

  • The extract from the national register of the investor’s country of origin;
  • The constitutional documents of the foreign legal entity;
  • The criminal record of the future administrator, issued by the relevant authorities of the country of origin and of the Republic of Moldova, if the person is foreign.


The documents for the state registration are drawn up into the state language and are submitted to the state registration authority by the founder or by his representative, entitled by a power-of-attorney as prescribed by law.


After the registration in the State Register, the administrator or his attorney is issued, as the case may be, the following documents:

  • The decision of the State Chamber of Registration;
  • The constitutional documents;
  • The certificate of incorporation;
  • The extract from the State Register;
  • The seal.


Why you need a lawyer  specializing in commercial law?

Because you need a qualified advice, you don’t have enough time to study the whole volume of laws, to comply with all requirements imposed by the State.


The establishment package of services comprises the following:

  • Free advice about the type of company you want, and other commercial law issues that may arise;
  • Company name reservation;
  • Editing of company constituent act which will contain your data, object of activity, social capital, inserting codes Caen, running conditions, conditions of liquidation;
  • Deposition of social capital;
  • Filing of all documents and representation in the Chamber of Registration of the Republic of Moldova in order to obtain the certificate of registration;
  • Reception and passing to the client of registration certificate.


Our lawyers will do all due diligence before authorities in order to obtain necessary operating permits.

We offer services in setting up companies at reduced time and lowest prices!

The private entrepreneur is entitled to practice any activity that is not forbidden by the law.