Family law

In the bustle of everyday life, every person is faced with many problems of modern society. Basically, problems begin with ignorance of their rights and obligations. In a critical situation for us, support is always provided by relatives, family members – family.

But what if all the problems are concentrated precisely in the sphere of family relations? Due to the special mentality, as well as the living conditions in the Republic of Moldova, the institution of the family gradually began to depreciate. The need for legal aid under family law began to arise among a wider circle of people. The law office “Leonid Karagyaur” in provides legal support in all matters of family law.

We will answer questions, and also, if necessary, provide a lawyer with regard to disputes arising in the following situations:
  • Divorce in court (divorce proceedings) with or without your participation;
  • Oral and written consultations, drawing up a marriage contract (agreement) in accordance with the norms of civil and family law;
  • Division of property of spouses (preparation of an agreement on the division of jointly acquired property);
  • Disputes related to the upbringing of the child (determination of the child’s place of residence, deprivation of parental rights, etc.);
  • Maintenance obligations;
  • Deprivation of parental rights;
  • On the removal of obstacles to communication with the child and the possibility of exercising parental rights;
  • About restoration of parental rights;
  • Establishing paternity;
  • Establishment of the fact of family living (“civil” marriage);
  • Recognition of marriage invalid;
  • Invalidation of a marriage contract;
  • Preparation of draft amicable agreements and their approval in court;
  • Drawing up a marriage contract;
  • Participation and negotiation between the parties;
  • Representation in the civil registry office, guardianship and trusteeship;
  • Requesting duplicate certificates of marriage (birth), birth, death at the registry office;
  • Obtaining in court a decision on divorce with subsequent registration with the registry office.