Real estate

Professional legal assistance in transactions with non-residential real estate remains relevant at all times. To participate in the transaction of purchase and sale of expensive real estate, it is necessary to involve not just a highly professional lawyer, but a lawyer who has practical experience in accompanying real estate transactions.

The procedure for the sale of a building, premises, land plot is complex and multi-tenant, it requires clarification of many important issues – the way the seller acquires the building (premises); a document regulating relations on the use of the land on which the building (room) is located; the presence of encumbrances (restrictions) in the use of the building, and sometimes at its disposal (the absence of legal disputes or claims on the object of third parties. Legal support of real estate transactions – our specialty for many years.

Law Office “Leonid Karagyaur” is ready to help you and offers:

  • Advice on all issues of contracting;
  • Examination (verification) of contracts offered to the client for conclusion;
  • Negotiating the terms of contracts;
  • Drafting disagreement protocols;
  • Comprehensive support for transactions with commercial real estate;
    In registration of rights and transactions with non-residential premises and land;
  • Renewal of the land lease agreement;
    In obtaining permission for construction and reconstruction;

In addition, we will take on the laborious technical work:

  • Order, execution and receipt of documents in the BTI;
  • Preparation of calculations for operational, utilities, land payments;
  • Maintenance of the procedure for the formation, land surveying of the land;
  • Registration of leases and transfer of ownership
    Order and receipt of technical and expert technical opinions;
  • Registration and registration of common ownership for non-residential premises of an apartment building and adjacent land, etc.