Labor law

The law office “Leonid Karagyaur” has a wide practice of applying labor legislation and successfully resolving individual labor disputes. Our advantage lies, first of all, in the fact that, by occupation, they represent the interests of both workers and employers, which allows us to clearly represent the legal nuances of a particular dispute. The law office “Leonid Karagyaur” will help you with the consideration of individual and collective labor disputes in labor inspections and courts on the following issues:

On reinstatement of work, regardless of the grounds for termination of the employment contract;
On changing the date and wording of the reasons for dismissal;
On transfer to another job;
On unlawful actions (inaction) of the employer in the processing and protection of personal data of the employee;

Providing legal assistance to protect violated labor rights, our lawyer analyzes the labor documentation at the enterprise:
    • Development of individual labor contracts;
    • Advising, drafting legal opinions on the dismissal of employees on various grounds;
    • Participation in negotiations;
    • Drawing up claims and statements of claim;
    • Representation of interests of principals in labor inspection;
    • Representation of interests of principals in court;
    • If necessary, appeal against court decisions.

The first and main step in protecting your rights is to contact a labor lawyer. We are always ready to help, provide assistance in resolving a legal problem, and if necessary, represent the interests of the principal in court.