About us

Professional Legal Team. We have been engaged in lawyer business for more than 15 years!

Each specialist of our team has many years of practical experience in their field of law. On the way of each of us there were difficult situations when we had to make decisions ourselves – sometimes crucial for our clients. Each of us has a huge positive practice. Teamwork and the exchange of experience allows us to predict the outcome of the situation at the inception stage and to protect the interests of clients as much as possible.

Goal # 1

The key goal of our activity is the comprehensive legal protection of the interests of legal entities and individuals, their rights and freedoms within the framework of Moldovan legislation.

Goal # 2

Provide a high level of legal services that meets international standards of jurisprudence and secure a place as one of the leaders in the local legal services market.

Chief lawyer

Leonid Karagheaur

An excellent leader for the team and a true master in the legal field!

In addition to many years of experience in Moldovan law, he worked on cases in Russian, Ukrainian, Romanian, Turkish and European courts. He worked in various fields of jurisprudence, ranging from family law to corporate mediation.

Currently specializes in maritime and river law, as well as in customs and tax affairs.

Our values


We find the shortest way to solve your problem. If the situation is simple enough, we are not looking for a “secret bottom” in the case so that you waste time and money. The lawyers of the company won many complex processes, and in each of them we honestly reported how high the probability of victory in the dispute.

Good faith

Each client can confidently rely on the professionalism of our lawyers, we do not give preference to anyone and equally try to help everyone. You can also completely trust us - everything said on the consultation with a lawyer will remain between you.


Time is money, isn't it? In addition, the outcome of a case often depends on the speed of decision-making. We care about the nerve cells of our customers and try to work quickly and smoothly. At any time from the day you become our client, a lawyer will be in touch and answer all your questions.


We do not seek to confuse you with complex terms, on the contrary, we explain all the rules of the law and talk about the appropriateness of the steps taken. It is important for us that you also understand how the process is going. The company has fixed prices for services, so there will be no surprises with the final bill.


We work in various areas of law. These are issues of family and childhood, and relations with the employer, and problems with loans, and the management of movable and immovable property, and pensions, and the legal difficulties faced by motorists, and much, much more.


We offer you high quality legal services, an individual approach and comfortable service for a very reasonable honest fee. And to begin with, we offer you a free consultation in which we will discuss the process, timeline affairs and payment procedures.

Free Consultation

Quality Legal Aid

We offer legal advice. We do everything necessary for your case and, if necessary, represent you in court.