Immigration law

The volume of migration flows, both to and from the Republic of Moldova, is increasing every day. In this regard, a significant number of practical questions arise: how is a foreign citizen registered at the place of residence, how to apply for a work permit, obtain a temporary residence permit or residence permit, what is the procedure for acquiring citizenship – and this is not a complete list of them.

Turning to us, you will receive detailed advice on any issue of your interest in the field of migration legislation of Moldova and foreign countries.

The Leoni Karagyaur Law Office provides the following services in this direction:
  • Advises on all issues of migration law (migration registration, work permit, temporary residence permit, residence permit);
  • Assists in obtaining a temporary residence permit and residence permit to foreign citizens.
  • Helps organizations in obtaining permits to attract and use foreign labor (throughout the Republic of Moldova);
  • It helps in obtaining work permits (plastic cards) to foreign citizens arriving on a visa and visa-free basis and notifies the relevant authorities about the conclusion (termination) of an employment contract with citizens of foreign states;
  • Issues invitations for obtaining visas (single, double, multiple) for foreign citizens;
  • He advises and assists in all matters related to the entry, exit and stay of foreign company employees and their families in the Republic of Moldova;
  • Assists in the acquisition of Moldovan citizenship by naturalization by origin, etc.
  • Representation of client’s interests during inspections of the migration service and prosecutor’s office;
  • Representation of your interests in the migration service and the courts when considering cases of administrative offenses in the field of migration;
  • Preparation of a complaint about decisions and illegal actions of the migration service, representation of your interests in court.

Dear guests of our country, we can offer a detailed consultation explaining the provisions of the migration legislation of the Republic of Moldova, which will help you avoid serious problems with the state authorities of the Republic of Moldova. We are also ready to help in resolving the issue of administrative expulsion (deportation) from the territory of the Republic of Moldova.